• I saw Him on Market Street the other day
  • He didn’t really have too much to say
  • I asked Him to take away my pain
  • He just stared at the scars on my veins
  • I asked Him, “Are those who die young really good?”
  • And haven’t I always done what I should?
  • I guess not because I’m still here
  • Dodging the pain, fighting the fear
  • I want to be home, safe with you
  • There’s nothing left here for me to do
  • He said “Look inside, what do you see?”
  • I took a look, and I said “just me”
  • He said” That’s wrong, but its okay”
  • “You’ll get it right another day”
  • I said,”I’m so confused, what do I do?”
  • He said”Keep trusting Me, and keep being you”

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