• The stench of flowers in my nose
  • Blades of grass in crooked rows
  • Clouds infecting a clear blue sky
  • Flowers forced not to grow too high
  • Parents teaching children to fear
  • Never letting on that the end could be near
  • Dogs running free ignoring it all
  • Lifes satisfaction in a rubber ball
  • Cop cars cruising by full of pain and strife
  • Demons in the bushes waiting to ruin a life
  • Fountains pissing uslessly straight up in the air
  • Drunks passed out on benches without a care
  • Tourists being cautious not coming too near
  • It must be horrible to live in such fear
  • It’s a beautiful day here in Golden Gate Park
  • Just make sure you get out before it gets dark

When I was in Rehab we took a field trip to the park and this is what I saw.

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