• Her name is Darlene the tweeker queen
  • She’s got a gold plated cooker, she always keeps it clean
  • Shes on SSi, she got run over by a train
  • She’s got an alien transmitter planted in her brain
  • Tommy is the boyfriend of Darlene
  • He keeps his mohawk spikey with vasaline
  • Tommy’s happy being Darlenes king
  • She screwes his friends, but it don’t mean a thing
  • Tommy jr is a gangster, and a sleazy little rat
  • He snitched on his friends and they beat him with a bat
  • He wanders around and talkes to the sky
  • He’s gonna steal a spaceship and learn how to fly
  • Her brother James wore old ladies clothes
  • She loved to watch him fix and pick his nose
  • She laughed until she cried the last time it bled
  • The bleeding didn’t stop until Jimmy was dead
  • Her father Jack has only one eye
  • He lost one in a battle with the FBI
  • Jack stays up all night and picks his brain
  • When morning comes he puts it back again
  • Granny’s out back in a refridgerator, her last note on the floor
  • “The light really does go out when you close the door”

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