Trans Against Trans

I came across a post on Facebook in a mostly transgender women’s group. It was put there by a cis man, it went something like this, “I’m looking for a trans gender woman. I’m not gay but theres something about them” You can tell he’s uninformed about transgender women, because transgender women are women. It does not make you gay to be attracted to them. I went to the comments to see what the women said to him to straighten this little problem out. I expected the usual responses but instead I saw this:

She defends trans women and then throws non passing trans women under the bus. She suggests that they are gay men instead of women, and for what, did she want this guys attention that bad? Or maybe she’s so passable that she’s more trans than anybody? It really is a thing, there are trans women out there that think they are more trans than others for all kinds of reasons.

 It’s not only non passing transgenders that have problems, if a transwoman passes too well she gets shit for it. A couple of posts before this one was a picture of a beautiful trans woman crying, because she was being jumped on getting told she wasn’t transgender. I looked at the comments on that post and everyone was agreeing that it was just jealousey. Trans women show a lot of love to each other, and a lot of support. I think transgenders need to stick together and support one another. With all the shit we take from all sides from the world, we shouldn’t have to put up with any from each other.

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