I wrote this in rehab when I had 20 days clean. I wasnt going to put it here because I am trying hard not to use the “F” word anymore. I think it’s the first thing I wrote.

  • Dark apparitions fill my head
  • So here I lay in my bed
  • My day will begin when I decide
  • I’ll stay in bed, and here I’ll hide
  • Fuck schedules and the people who make them
  • Fuck groups and the people who take them
  • Fuck meds and the people who sell them
  • Fuck lectures and the people who tell them
  • Fuck greedy people and the money they need
  • Fuck haters and the hate they breed
  • Fuck busses, and taxi’s and trains
  • And the people who ride them with shit for brains
  • Fuck meetings and anger management class
  • Fuck my inner child, I’d like to kick it’s little ass
  • Fuck my connections and the dope they sell
  • Fuck addiction, and fuck this living hell
  • In fact
  • Fuck the whole world and everyone in it
  • Fuck this rant, I never wanted to begin it
  • Fuck the energy it took me to write it
  • Sometimes I’m a bitch and I just can’t hide it

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