• They see you, and they smile
  • They want you, and you smile
  • They love you, and they’re gone
  • In a world full of people, all alone
  • No expressions, a face of stone
  • You crawl through the day, lay awake in your bed
  • You hope with all your heart, you wake up dead
  • You throw your head back and scream at the sky
  • The stars just blink, they don’t care why
  • You ride out the storm and smile at the sun
  • You realize those rainbows weren’t just for anyone
  • They were just for you, to ease your pain
  • They fade away, but come back again
  • It’s a brand new world, and a brand new day
  • You found the strength to face it, you stopped running away
  • You stopped looking for approval, and started looking within
  • You found yourself, and stopped chasing the wind
  • You can finally be happy, but there’s a lot to do
  • You can hold your head high, and just be you

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