Back in my dead life I had stomach problems, they got so bad I had to go in and get my stomach scoped. When they looked they found a bezor, an indigestible mass taking up half the room in my stomach. They gave me an appointment to go back to the hospital and have it removed. I was a member of a Christian motorcycle club back then and we used to hold church for the homeless and whoever else wanted to come. At the end of the service was an alter call for prayer, so I went up there because I had to go to the hospital the next day. A bunch of brothers and sisters laid hands on me and prayed for my healing.

I went to the hospital and they put me out, woke me up and I went home. Later that afternoon my doctor calls and asks my wife if we could come to his office, it’s important. So we go and go in his office and he says,”I don’t know how to explain this”. He was holding up two pictures of my stomach, one with a bezor and one without. He said,” It was there when they took the first picture, but when they went to remove it, it was gone” My wife and I smiled and we told him about church, and them laying hands on me, and praying for healing. He said,”That can’t be”. I said,”You’re the one holding the pictures, what more can we say?” We left smiling and I don’t know how long we stayed that way. We told everyone at our regular church and everyone at the biker church, and everyone that heard the story praised God. I still thank Him and praise Him for it.

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