T\W self harm,blood

  • I look in the mirror and see that face
  • The one that gets clocked all over the place
  • Why did it have to show up today?
  • Why it shows up at all I just can’t say
  • I put my fist to the mirror, sparkles everywhere
  • I take another look to see what’s there
  • There’s a hundred eyes staring back at me
  • All full of tears, barely able to see
  • I feel nothing but emotional pain
  • As I watch my blood run down the drain
  • I pick the glass out of my hand
  • I cover my face, and there I stand
  • I cry until I’m out of tears
  • Releasing the pain of many years
  • It took a long time to learn how to live
  • To be understanding, to learn to forgive
  • To understand others desperate cries
  • To try to see others through Jesus’s eyes

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