Everybody’s got Issues

Like all the other Faith,Dope,and Clarity poems, this was written in rehab and the early months of my recovery. Like most of the other poems this one has dope references in it. It might help you understand a little easier if I explain that an issue is a hypodermic needle. When I was in the Central Valley I came across someone who asked me for an issue. I asked what that was and they told me. I asked why they were called that and I was told,”Because everybody has issues”, it made sense to me, also a “Bump” is a tiny amount of dope to keep you going until the next shot. The following was written like a letter to my ex.

  • Everybody’s got issues, it’s easy to see
  • That you have as many as me
  • I have different ones since you threw me away
  • I gotta do what I gotta do to get through my day
  • Yeah, everybody’s got issues, I got one in my pocket
  • I got a bump around my neck, in your little silver locket
  • I took it off your dresser last time I was at your place
  • My dope eats away at the little picture of your face
  • It brings me comfort when I imagine that it’s real
  • You might think it’s crazy, but it’s the way that I feel
  • If you want the locket, try dropping me a line
  • I met someone and I’m doing just fine

P.S. Are you lonely and sad while your husband’s on the road,

in some cathouse with a hooker, dropping off a load?

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