One day I started wondering why every time I saw paintings or sculptures of angels the majority look feminine. Not just their faces, but many times their body too. Some say that angels are androgyne, male and female, beings made in Gods image. God has all male, and all female attrbutes, He is not limited by gender. So it would make sense that He would make angels with male and female attributes, especially since there is no record of female angels. Some people point to scripture that says they neither marry nor are given in marriage, meaning they don’t have sex, but before the flood, angels lusted after the daughters of men and had sex with them. These angels were cast into Hell in chains of darkness until Judgement Day.

Daniel is the first one in the Bible to mention angels by name, Gabriel and Michael, they are archangels which means they are powerfull and do great works. Michael wresteled Satan for the body of Moses and won. Gabriel appeared to Zechariah, John the Baptists father to announce the birth. Zechariah doubted him, and Gabriel took Zechariah’s voice until John was born. They can appear to us as they choose, we are told that angels of darkness can appear as angels of light.

 Us, as humans are a little lower than the angels. Scripture says that angels are ministering spirits. The angels rejoice when a sinner comes to repentance. They guide, encourage and strengthen us. We have guardian angels, Jesus said that childrens angels always see the face of God. Angels are messengers and do Gods bidding. Scripture tells us to be hospitable to strangers, because they could be angels. John, sees a vision in Revelations of millions of angels around God’s throne, he’s told twice not to worship them.

As I was searching for more on angels I came across Androgyne Adam, so I went to the Talmud, the best translation of the Old Testament there is. I always thought that God caused sleep to come upon Adam and he opened him up and took a rib and closed him back up and went and made Eve. In the original text the word “rib” is not there. There’s a word for rib used in other places in Genesis. The word thats there is “sides” God took one of Adams sides..not rib. It doesn’t say what side God took, feminine, strong, good, it just says side. Ancient Jewish scholars as well as modern ones accept this translation, no problem. Adam can mean man, mankind, or Adam the name. When Adam was first created, Adam was both male and female. Adam was that way until God took something(one his sides) from him and made Eve.

I was thrilled to find out that the original human was male and female, and why wouldn’t he be? It would be in God’s image, male and female represented. Woman is just as important as man and it does woman a great injustice to say she was just made out of a rib. Woman is the feminine half of the original created being. “Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall cleave unto his wife, and they shall become one flesh”. Become one flesh just like Adam and Eve were before God seperated them.

There is no solid evidence one way or the other to prove if angels are androgyne or not. I choose to believe it, and that Adam was androgyne at first, I believe it because anyone who is not cisgender can trace themselves back to Adam and Eve before God seperated them. The Talmud also has six genders in it and 566 references to androgynes, FTM, MTF, and non binary. The other two are cis male and female. These genders did not just come into being, they always existed. They didn’t get marginalized, or persecuted, or demonized. They were accepted as children of God like everyone else. 

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