The word arsenokoites is only found twice in the Bible. It’s in 1 Corinthians 6:9 and 1 Timothy 1:10. Both are clobber passages against homosexuality. I have been looking up articles, and looking in concordances and my biggest question is, why is it even in a concordance as meaning homosexual? The word homosexual was never in the Bible prior to this. The KJV has the word translated as,” Those who soil themselves with mankind”. Other Bibles translated it as masturbator as late as 1976. Paul had other words in Hebrew and Greek which he could have easily used.

The explaination given for this word is that Paul, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, (all scripture is written under the guidance of the Holy Spirit) decided to make up a new word out of two words he saw next to each other in the Old Testament,(Leviticus 20:13) Paul gives no explaination for the meaning of this new word, and uses it again in another letter without explaination. They go further to say that Paul coined this word and it’s first uses are in the New Testament. Paul supposedly made this word by combining arsen, which is male or men, and koite, a feminine noun meaning bed(sexual bed). 

How man + feminine bed = homosexual is beyond me. It sounds like normal hetero sex. Why would Paul make up a word when words already existed for homosexuals? I could see some confusion if the word arsenokoites didn’t exist, but it did. They totaly ignore or discount Josephesus, a historian who lived the same time as Jesus. Josephus believed that Jesus was who He said he was, he even said the prophesies of the Old Testament talked about Jesus’s coming. Josephus uses the word arsenokoites to describe temple prostitutes walking in the streets. The Greek language thesaurus UC Irvine, lists 73 references to the word arsenokoites and words taken from it and none of them mean homosexual. Theres enough different meanings that some scholars say there is no solid meaning.

I saw an article that said arsenokoites couldn’t mean temple prostitute because the temples weren’t there. Then I saw a photo of a Roman coin from the era with the fertility godess on it with the motto,” Mother of the gods”. Paul spoke out to the early Church against the sexual immorality of the temples and warned them not be anything like them. The Bible says that God is love, and as a Christian I fully believe it. There is nothing about the whole matter of translating arsenokoites to mean homosexuality that has anything to do with love. It wasn’t done in love, I think it’s just the opposite.

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