• I walked into a bar because I wanted to see.
  • If it was any different than it used to be.
  • I thought that I had gained some personal pride.
  • My ears were assaulted when I stepped inside
  • “Hey sweetheart, you want a beer?”.
  • “My name’s Jack, I hang out here”.
  • “I really like your smile, and your pretty face”.
  • “What brings you to this particular place?”.
  • As I stood upon the filthy floor.
  • I noted the position of the door.
  • I thought this could be a lot of fun.
  • But I might just have to run.
  • I said,”I just wandered in off the street”.
  • “I needed to get off my feet”.
  • ” Maybe have a drink or two”.
  • “My name’s Jenny, who are you?”.
  • “My name’s Jack, like I said before”.
  • “I noticed you walking in the door”.
  • “Such a beautiful sight to see”.
  • “Wanna have a drink with me?”.
  • I replied,”Sure Jake, whatever you say”.
  • “I need to get well, don’t go away”.
  • “It will only take a minute, I’ll be back”.
  • “Order me up a beer, and a shot of Jack”.
  • I came back and took my seat.
  • Jack was standing there, staring at his feet.
  • Then he looked up and wanted to know.
  • “What’s a fair price for such a special ho?”.
  • I drank my shot and downed my beer.
  • And declared, “I’m out of here”.
  • I stepped back to the filthy floor.
  • Jack stood there, blocking the door.
  • The mug in my hand met his head.
  • Jack dropped to the floor, wishing he was dead.
  • I dropped the mug and stepped over Jack.
  • I smiled at the bartender and said,”I wont be back”.

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