• Depression makes my world empty and grey
  • Sometimes I get blessed and it goes away
  • When I feel that first smile stretch across my face
  • The world becomes a bright and beautiful place
  • No more broken wings and wanting to fly
  • No drama queen drivel and wanting to cry
  • No living in PJ’s and lying in bed
  • Pulling the covers over my head
  • No more whining to God up above
  • No more forgetting the feel of love
  • No more thoughts of impending doom
  • Or spraying my brains all over the room
  • No being numb,with pains in my chest
  • No feeling like a loser, when I’m doing my best
  • No wishing for death to end the pain
  • No pouring my meds down the drain
  • No more spending time in the dark
  • No sitting alone thinking in the park
  • No thinking how no one would miss
  • Such a desolate life as this
  • Nothing lasts forever, not bad or good times
  • I feel I’m being punished, but I committed no crimes
  • I try to enjoy my time, I try to lose track
  • Because I know one day it will be back

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