The COGAITI inventory test, or combined gender identity and transsexuality inventory test is mainly for MTF transsexuals/transgenders and non binary people. It has 62 multiple choice questions. I tried to find out who put it together and I came up empty. Some say it’s accurate and some say it’s fake, I took the test two years ago and I came out as androgyne, I was bored and took it again, I gave different answers and I still came out androgyne, which was still fine with me. I saw the test mentioned somewhere and I decided to take it again and answer honestly. I was expecting androgyne again but my results came out essentially feminine with masculine or androgynous traits, with a strong possibility for a diagnosis of transsexual. It also said that I show a strong degree of gender dysphoria. The results happen to be exactly how I feel about myself. None of it was news to me but it surprised me. The test is fun to take and it’s not meant to be a diagnostic tool but anyone questioning their gender might be led to seek better advice or seek support.

(below is a screenshot of my results)

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