I have seen debates on social media lately about telling men you’re transgender or not. I am up front with everyone, and everyone can tell that I am transgender because I don’t pass. If I did pass I would still be up front because I had an experience with this problem. I was just out walking down the street one day and there were three men standing on the corner across the street from me. As I got right across from them one of them started cat calling. When I turned my head to see who I was dealing with, two of them started lauging and pushing the one that did the cat calling.  The one that did the cat calling looked pissed off, he started yelling at me calling me faggot, bitch and whatever. He screamed, ” I’ll drag you around this corner and fuck you up.” 
As I got a little further from them, he kept up with his threats. I picked up my pace a little and got out of there. I finally realized that he he thought I was a ciswoman and when he found out I wasn’t he got all pissed off like I took away his manhood or something. After experiencing this I would tell a man that I was transgender, I can imagine how bad it would be if I kissed or got a man off and he found out I was transgender, because in his mind I’m a man and he just got sexual satisfaction from a man, so that makes him gay in his head and he will beat, stab, even shoot until he gets his manhood back. 

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