I was walking down Market street which is a busy area in  downtown San Francisco. I came upon a sidewalk preacher, he had a microphone and amp and he was preaching the word. Everyone was ignoring him and it’s natural in the city. I walked up to him and tried to give him a few bucks but he refused, I said, ” Are you sure?”. He said, ” I don’t take money, give it to a homeless person”. I heard someone behind me say, ” GIVE IT TO A HOMELESS GUY” I turned around and there was this guy standing back by the street, the preachers bodyguard or something.  I smiled at him and walked away and there was a homeless dude coming right at me so I gave him the money. The homeless dude smiled big and said “thanks and God bless you, God bless you”, as I walked away I realized the preacher never tried to save me, not a word. He was there to save people, and he had me right there to preach at. I knew he knew I was transgender, I guess I wasn’t good enough to save in his eyes. What the hell is happening to Christians these days? I am saved already but he didnt know that.

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