I’ve decided to get off of Suboxone maintenance because I want to be free of it finally and it might interfere with my operations, plus I’m tired of living in fear of not having it. I have a year of clean time and 3 years of quitting dope. Suboxone is a partial agonist opiate that fills up the receptors so nothing else can get on them. Right now I’m down to 1.5 mg and thats still a lot, I need to get down to .25mg to stop taking it. Its a long drawn out taper because I have to go down 25% of the dose every drop. I put my drops at 7 days because I’m comfortable there. I’m not worried about the jump at the end because I’ve done this successfully already. I did this same taper and no crash at the end, none. If you need more information about tapering off just look up Roberts Taper, theres plenty of information there.

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