Mothers Day

I was at a t girl club with my boyfriend one night and I started feeling strange. I felt like I did pcp and I thought I was going to pass out, someone spiked my drink with the date rape drug. I was too high on crystal to pass out but it was close. We left the club and I stopped in a doorway because I couldnt walk any further. He left and came back with a blanket for me. I put the blanket over me and laid down in the doorway, I passed out. I woke up a few hours later and felt hungover. We walked downtown and he was starting to shake because he had no alcohol in him. We decided to go to the bus terminal, he had friends there. It was light out when we got there and he told me to wait outside. As I was waiting way too long two guys came walking up, they cleaned up around the terminal. One of them walks up to me and calls me faggot twice. All of a sudden he sucker punches me in the face. This pissed me off and I jumped up and said “lets go”. We danced around I couldnt get a shot in but he landed five or six. His punches didnt phase me and he knew it, he backed off with a scared look on his face. I told him” you hit like a bitch”. Just then the other one started screaming at me so I screamed back. right in the middle of my rant he hit me in the side of the head with something. He rang my bell and I fell over. Just then the police showed up and didnt want to hear me. They told me to get lost, so I did, to the hospital. I remember thinking what a screwed mothers day, now Im always going to remember this. My boyfriend had never came back and I never saw him again(my choice) I have nerve damage in my ear and still hear ringing to this day.

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