Toni’s Transition is a mixture of Christian,transgender,recovery,mental health, related fiction and non fiction articles and poetry. I originally started Tonistransition beginning to end, on Facebook and it was intended to be a place for me to just post about my transition as I went through it. I moved it here because I have more room to write and I have some messages and information that I want to spread around. Its nothing really radical, its just things like telling other transgenders that God created them just as they are, and loves them that way, having the same civil rights as everyone else, and being treated like people, we are the men and women we know we are. I dont think we should be targeted by hypocritical religious zealots who insist on thinking that we can’t exist. I dont  like other Christians telling me that I cant possibly be saved because I am transgender, and I dont like being told that I chose this. If I had the choice, it wouldn’t be this, but this is who I am and Im proud.

I have been transitioning and detransitioning and back for 3 years now. I have been back on HRT for 9 months now and I am planning to transition all the way. I am not transitioning into a woman. I am a woman now. I am making the outside match the inside and thats all I can do. Ive been living as a woman for 3 years now and all I can say is I am the happiest I have ever been in my life, and transitioning has brought me closer to God. wether you leave a comment or not have a wonderful day, week, year, life.






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