I come across this subject once in a while and it never ceases to amaze me because it seems like a simple matter to me. Some people say that LGBTQ people shouldn’t use the rainbow because it belongs to God, making it Christian. Let me point out my side of it.

In Genesis 9:8-17 We are told that God placed the rainbowin the sky as a promise to Noah and his sons that He would never destroy the Earth by flood waters again. This is their whole side of the story. How that proves ownership of rainbows or flags depicting them is beyond me. Rainbow flags have been around for a very long time, in various places with different markings on them.

In 1978 in San Francisco Gilbert Baker created what would become LGBT rainbow flag, It wasn’t the same as God’s rainbow, it had hot pink in it. The original flag had turquoise in it too. the hot pink and turquoise were taken off leaving 6 colors. Still not God’s rainbow. God’s rainbow has 7 colors, it always did and always will. The word rainbow and the word it came from have 7 letters. 7 is a special number in the Bible, it’s in the Bible thousands of times in all it’s forms.(I just thought I’d throw that in)

As a Christian, I think this this argument is ridiculous. What these people are saying is that God wants His rainbow back so the LGBT community can’t have it. It sounds like early grade school. Nobody can take anything from God. He owns it all because He made it all, including all the LGBTQ children whom He loves very much. The very children that some people judge without mercy just for being themselves. The children they marginalize, and cause great harm to come to. When they can’t use the word of God to hate others, they come up with petty issues. Before Jesus ascended into heaven, He instructed us to,”Love your neighbor as yourself”, people who hate in God’s name are way off the straight and narrow, try to look at them through love, and  pray that they come back.

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